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How to start racing with us.....


  1. Join the North Coast Road Racers! CLUB MEMBERSHIP details here.​

  2. Check out the race calendar here

  3. Check out the class rules here for the rules and track protection (Nylon) compliance

  4. Get a race license (links below)

  5. Enter for next race meeting... see link on the home page. (Any issues with ridernet call Narelle)

  6. Print scrutineering form from rider net link

  7. Read the Sup Regs (Supplementary regulations or meeting rules) which are available on the rider net for each event.

  8. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for the event pages and any news

  9. Come to a race meeting! You must have your bike scrutineered (including pre-filling the form above).

  10. You must attend the riders briefing and collect a Hi-vis vest. Yes, you will feel like a Goose, but other riders will know that you are new to the sport and not put crushingly heavy overtaking moves on you.

  11. Make sure you sign the attendance sheet after the riders briefing. 

  12. Get out there and ride the track have a gentle practice session and some introductory races.

  13. Have FUN!


You need either a:

ONE EVENT LICENSE which are available at the track.

OR     1-year licence available MNSW competition license

Find more about the licenses here.


Have you???

Read all the rules and regulations about going racing available at the MNSW website

Make sure that you have a set of race leathers that are in good condition. If they are a two piece, ensure that the two halves zip together. Get a good set of riding gloves, race boots, a back protector and a helmet - It's you who needs go home on Sunday night in good condition, not the bike. Your gear must be scrutineered, so please WEAR it to scrutineering (you can carry your helmet!)

Make sure the bike you are buying or building is fully compliant with the homologation rules. Please read the rules carefully.  Feel free to call any member about preparing your bike for scrutineering they will answer any other questions that you might have.

Still Lost???

Jump on the Facebook page and ask any questions you have!

If you are still unsure call one of the committee members if you need assistance with any of the following steps or just want to chat about joining.


Don’t forget 😊

Have fun. Yes, we do race but it's a bit of fun on a weekend, not a world championship.

Once you start it will be hard to stop.

Race License
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