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Short Course Road Racing Since 1992

In 1992 a group of like minded motorcycle enthusiasts joined together to form North Coast Road Racers. Their goal was to be able to road race on the Far North Coast of NSW and found that Go Kart tracks enabled them to accomplish this with venues close to home. Over the years the types of machines competed on at their meetings have evolved. Classes are supported by Juniors and Seniors of all ages with bike capacities from 50cc up to 500cc road and dirt bikes.

Over the years, several club riders have learnt their skills on our Short Course tracks and then progressed onto National Championships – Chris Quinn, Anthony Quinn, Luke Mitchell, Justin Hall, Lee Cheetham and Beau Beaton - just to name a few and have had much success.

North Coast Road Racers Inc is a family orientated Short Course Road Race club. We are situated on the Far North Coast of New South Wales. We currently have approximately 100 members from all over northern NSW including Gunnedah, Armidale to the west, Sydney to the south and Queensland. With the Club Membership so widely spread, these events are the only opportunity the members have to get together to share experiences and discuss Club activities.

The Club currently races on MA licenced Go Kart tracks in northern NSW at Lismore, Grafton and Tamworth. These events are conducted over 2 days enabling riders not only to compete but to socialise with fellow competitors over the weekend including Club meetings and evening functions.

In 2013, with the support of MNSW, Club Member Garry Thomas and Life Member Ken Shephard, after many years of campaigning, finally became successful in their goal of getting approval for Juniors from the age of 9 Years to ride up to 85cc 2 Stroke/160cc 4 Stroke machines on the Go Kart tracks in NSW. This approval meant that Junior Dirt bikes would now be able to experience road racing on a smaller scale and foster the development of Junior riders within the discipline without going to the added expense of obtaining a road race bike. Endorsement of road racing for our Junior riders is available at all our events and a mentoring program for our Juniors is in place to foster their development. The Junior classes catered for at our events are Rookies – 9, 10 & 11 Years and Juniors - 12, 13, 14 & 15 Years and 50cc Demonstration ride.

2016 saw several Junior Club Members qualifying to ride in the selection process for the 2017 Asia Talent Cup for young, up and coming road racers that was held in Malaysia in October. With 114 entrants and only 17 riders to be selected, our Juniors missed out on selection but firmly planted in their minds that there are Junior riders in Australia capable of competing on the world stage. Junior riders also competed in the 2016 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

The Club held 7 rounds of Club Pointscore at Grafton, Tamworth and Lismore. An interclub event was held at Tamworth in September and a coaching day at Raleigh. The year commenced with a signon/recreational ride day at Lismore. These events were well supported by Junior and Senior riders along with the regular volunteers who are committed to promoting the discipline.

The Club will be hosting 7 rounds of Club Pointscore for 2017 and again an interclub event. With a strong committee dedicated to the sport and its club members, a major goal for the Club is being able to hold a 6 hour endurance race on one of its regular venues. Promotion of our Junior program is an ongoing commitment the Club is dedicated to fulfilling successfully. 2017 will see the 25th anniversary of the Club.

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