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(Due to a computer problem, the agenda and minutes from the last meeting were not available before the meeting).

The meeting opened at 7.40pm, with MNSW President Tim Sanford in the Chair.


Tim informed the meeting of the passing of another motorcycling legend, Bob Levy, aged 79. Bob was famous at the old Sydney Showground Speedway in the 60's on his Vincent sidecar. He later moved on to road racing on his "wedge style" Kawasaki Z1 kneeler in the 70's. More recently he became a scrutineer at major road racing events where his technical skills were highly respected.

May he rest in peace with the other champions.


During the reading of the April and May Board minutes several items of interest were noted.


During a discussion on last year's Night of Champions Dinner it was revealed that the event lost $55,000, which was about average for the last few years. It was agreed that continuing to lose this amount on so few participants cannot continue. It was decided that the event should be discontinued and alternatives be sought for the presentation of awards, possibly separate discipline events.



In early May MNSW called a meeting of groups connected with Short Course Road Racing on Kart tracks. Present were MA President Peter Goddard, North Coast Road Racers representative Garry Thomas, Former Junior Road Race Promotor Tony Hatton, together with MNSW CEO Dave Cooke and MNSW Directors. The aim of the meeting was to try to formulate rules to cover this form of racing, which at the moment is not covered in MOMS. One suggestion is to have different rules for juniors and seniors, with junior machine specifications much wider than seniors, to encourage transition from Motocross and Minikhana to Short Course Racing using the same bike.

Garry has been appointed to The Short Course Road Race Advisory Committee.

It is hoped that the proposed rules will be formulated in time for a review by interested parties and confirmed in time for the 2018 MOMS. *****************