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The meeting opened at 7.35pm, with the President, Tim Sanford in the chair. Christine Tickner, Gavin Hunt, and the CEO, Dave Cooke were present. Ms Amy knop was Minute Secretary.

***************** The President welcomed the delegates to the first general meeting at the MNSW Smithfield property. MNSW had organised a BBQ and drinks in the warehouse section, adjacent to where the meeting was held.



Bankstown-Wiley Park delegate Bob McGlinchy discussed the opening of the new speedway circuit at Macarthur Club's property at Appin. The first meeting was a great success with juniors, seniors, and team events, with the BWP team beating the Macarthur team convincingly. This circuit will certainly provide a much needed facility for speedway riders.

The CEO Dave Cooke discussed Board plans to revitalise Dirt Track. Rather than try to alter the current MOMS rules, which MA is opposed to, the board is considering a completely new format next year, including sponsorship and financial support by MNSW. A three round series is being considered.


MNSW DIRECTOR SUSPENDED The President announced that a MNSW Director has been suspended from the Board. No details of the alleged offence were provided, and the Director was not named, although it is not hard to work out who was missing from the Directors table, but sitting in the Delegates area. The matter will be considered at the February General Meeting.

Comment: Members should be quite rightly concerned that a Director has been suspended. But consider this; a year ago if this had happened the matter could have dragged on for months and literally destroyed the board. Now the matter is going to be heard at a general meeting. The case will be presented and the suspended Director will have the opportunity to defend his action, and the Delegates will judge the matter, by an ordinary majority. With the hearing in public, there will be no coercion or cover-ups.

The details of the alleged breach are expected to be released soon.


MOTORCYCLING ALLIANCE Readers may recollect that at the last meeting there was considerable discussion on the MA Alliance Agreement. Since then another associated document has been delivered, named "MA Alliance ALT Protocols". It contains another eight pages of explanations on how the Alliance is expected to operate, with details of "Open Communication - No Surprises", "Unanimous Decision Making" and "Wilful Default".

Another section is devoted to "Protocols for the Development of a Commercial Framework". It details provision for future business activities which the Alliance may develop and the various assessment criteria such as "key performance indicators" in "key result areas", "minimum conditions of satisfaction' and "gainshare and painshare distribution".

Most Delegates appeared completely confused by it. One Delegate asked if Motorcycling Victoria has signed the Alliance Agreement.

The President replied that to his knowledge they had not. At the last meeting we were told that their main objection was that signing the agreement could leave their assets, including their Broadford circuits, at risk of financial demands from MA.

Since then it appears that their legal advisor has added concerns over the lack of an appeal process to a decision under the "Wilful Default" clauses.

Whether the Alliance Leadership Team can operate without MVic is now doubtful, unless the concerns can be overcome.



A Delegate questioned items in the Profit & Loss Statement Spreadsheets. The entry "National Motorcycling Alliance" shows income over 10 months to October of $150,000, but nil expenditure. "NSW Motorcycling Alliance" had expenditure of $108,000 for the same period, but shows nil income. The CEO explained that the entries go back to when MNSW took over the National Motorcycling Alliance, formerly operated by MA. The whole road service operation is now run by MNSW, and it was convenient to maintain the headings until a new spreadsheet is set up.


A Delegate commented that the Financial Report did not show the assets from the closure of MNSW Properties. The President confirmed that MNSW Properties had not been wound up, and it's cash assets were in bank accounts earning interest, until the legal procedures are completed.



The President, Tim Sanford, announced that MNSW had decided to introduce two new awards, to recognise commendable efforts during the year. They are The Volunteer of the Year, and The NSW Club of the Year. The winners were selected by the Office Staff and confirmed by the Board. Tim gave details of the winners and complimented them on their achievements, some of which were despite concerted opposition.


The Award goes to -

Garry Thomas of North Coast Road Racers, for his Commitment and Dedication to Short Course Road Racing.


The Award was shared between Macleay District MCC for building their Grass Track circuit at Kempsey and

Goulburn MCC for building their MX circuit after years of Bureaurcratic setbacks.

***************** MAIL INSURANCE

The CEO announced that insurance arranged through Motorcycling Australia Insurance Limited (MAIL) is expected to cost MNSW an additional $100,000 next year, but he commented that MNSW would not be passing most of this on to clubs. There has been a recommendation that the cost of rider insurance should be changed from the present flat rate to different charges for more accident prone events, such as motocross. No implementation date has been set.


Meeting closed at 9.00pm.


An Email from MNSW received on Saturday confirms that the suspended Director is Michel Constantinou. It does not give any details of the matter which has brought on the suspension, other than referring to Section 9.11 of the constitution. Meanwhile, the remaining Directors must continue to act until the matter is decided , and, if necessary, a new Director is elected.

Section 9.10 gives eleven grounds for removal of a Director, and Section 9.11 deals with the procedure for removal of Directors. Section 9.11.5 states that the General Council (club delegates) may remove the Director by ordinary resolution at the next general meeting. Should the General Council resolve to remove the Director and the Board considers that the offence warrants further penalty, the Board may appoint a Judiciary Committee to consider if a further penalty should be applied. Details of the formal suspension motion will be forwarded to clubs in due course.

Regards .....Dave E

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