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Updated: Sep 10, 2020


On line via Zoom, from the MNSW Office, Smithfield, 27th August, 2020

Meeting commenced at 7.35pm with Gavin Hunt presiding.

This was my first Zoom meeting and things didn't work as well as I expected, with the microphone in my laptop refusing to operate. So I was relegated to being an observer.

During the introductions I recognised a few of the delegates, but I was quite surprised to see two of the guests.

The first was Dave Cooke, the former CEO of MNSW, whose job was hastily made redundant by the board to reduce overheads during the peak Ovid 19 panic in March. I understand that Dave's departure was less than amicable, with reports of legal action. However, tonight he was appearing as delegate for Nowra MCC, and could well be instrumental in the transfer of the Nowra property from MNSW back to the club. The Nowra venue has re-opened this week.

The second surprise was Michel Constantinou, a former director of MNSW and coaching school promotor who was dismissed from the board earlier this year, and fined $6,000 for exceeding rider limits at coaching days his company promoted. He is presently sueing MNSW in the Supreme Court for various matters claimed to be restricting his business. Apparently he has been granted a permit and is back in business.

After the meeting was opened, the first item was the minutes from the General Meeting in June. One matter mentioned was my enquiry about the Goanna Tracks ownership bungle, and how it was discovered. It seems that during the search through the old records the directors discovered several other "irregularities" in transactions between MNSW and MNSW Properties.

I knew that MNSW had borrowed money from Properties on several occasions when they were short of cash, (interest free of course). But it appears that at some stage a loan of $128,000 had not been repaid. On another occasion MNSW decided it couldn't afford to pay rent for the Parkes St property they occupied, so this was listed as a debt. All these questionable practices have added to the financial mess and delayed the finalisation of Properties' accounts.

The investigation also uncovered other accounts (some dating back 6 years) which should not have been paid and required sorting out and settling. We are informed that the Board is taking a much more "Hands On" approach to financial management, instead of relying on the CEO's assurances and spread sheets.

With less staff, the government grants, Jobkeeper support and severe pruning of expenses, MNSW expects to save over three hundred thousand dollars this year.

After some discussion the minutes were accepted; next came the board Minutes.

18th June:

Discussion on grants to clubs. Resolved to invite requests for grants of $2,000.00 from clubs to assist in restarting their sporting activities. Prepare application form. Discussion on a request for a loan from "MQ". No details provided. I wonder if this is Motorcycling Queensland? If this is correct, it would be a first for MNSW, possibly prompted by the MA Alliance policy of assistance and co-operation between Local Controlling Bodies. MNSW has previously loaned money to MA, during the formation of Motorcycling Australia Insurance Limited.

25th June;

Gavin Hunt elected as President of MNSW.

Tim Sanford re-elected as Vice President. Newly elected director Michael O'Brien was introduced and board procedures explained. A Grant of $252,170.00 was received from NSW Office of Sport. This must be used within 2 years to keep operations running, purchase equipment or resources to improve operations, or, support immediate planning, the cost of which cannot be deferred, refunded or recovered by insurance.