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X-Ryder News August

Dear Friends



The meeting opened at 7.50pm, with MNSW President Tim Sanford in the Chair. All members of the Board of Directors were present.

After the meeting was opened, the CEO Dave Cooke introduced Ms Amy Knop, who has recently been promoted to MNSW Administration Manager.

Amy will be attending MNSW delegates meetings as minute secretary, allowing more time for Dave to connect with delegates. This will also allow Amy to become familiar with the meeting procedures, and learn some of the delegate's problems first hand.

Amy Knop, MNSW Admin Manager


MNSW CONSTITUTION During the reading of the minutes the President discussed the proposed new MNSW constitution.

Under the MA "Equal Partners Alliance Agreement" (which is still being finalised, but all States have agreed to sign), the general proposal is that MA will prepare it's constitution, and the LCBs will use that as a basis for developing theirs. The MA constitution will include a new MA funding model.

NCRR delegate Dave Elliott asked if the new MA constitution will include parts of the former MA "Unity" plan, which included commandeering assets of the LCB's to ease MA's financial problems. President Tim Sanford assured members that that will only happen over his dead body.

He did mention that MA was planning to employ two additional staff, probably part time initially. One would be a lawyer and the other an IT specialist. They would be funded by the Alliance (30%), MA (20%), and MAIL (50%). MAIL, (the MA insurance subsidiary) needs constant legal advice to review claims and prepare documents, and is presently using external advice. As Tim says, defending a claim which is later withdrawn can still cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. *****************


During discussion of the financial report, the President announced that MNSW had to make emergency repairs to the dam wall at their MX circuit at Nowra, costing $30,000. This occurred before a major race meeting and had to be repaired immediately, as this is the only water source on the site. Control of this circuit will be returned to the Nowra club soon, in accordance with the agreement that if the road race circuit did not proceed, it would be returned to the original owners.



The CEO informed the meeting that a group of Nowra business men and racing enthusiasts tentatively named the Nowra Motor Sports Action Committee was interested in taking over the road race circuit Development Application recently abandoned by MNSW. The Board has agreed to give the group access to the MNSW documents for the previous DA on the understanding that should their application be successful there should be some compensation for MNSW's expenditure. MNSW lost at least $850,000 on its unsuccessful application.



The Board has approved the appointment of Marcus DeCaux to the Historic Road Race Committee, and Sharon Millard to the Road Race Committee.


EASTER CREEK KART CIRCUIT The CEO discussed the use of the venue for junior road racing and super-moto. (There are 24 kart circuit variations at the venue, with two previously licenced for junior motor cycle road racing, with one of those used in reverse direction for super-moto). Negotiations are continuing with the owners and ARDC over the re-licencing.

Also on the Eastern Creek Kart topic, MNSW is negotiating with the proponent of an Indoor MX circuit at that venue. No details were given, but they are prepared to co-operate with MNSW and use MAIL insurance.


SPORTS COMMITTEES There was a discussion on the forming of the MNSW Sports Committees. Under the present system, nominations are called, the candidates supply a resume of their qualifications, ballot papers are prepared and sent to clubs for their consideration, along with the ballot papers for Directors. The returned ballot papers are counted by the scrutineers and the results announced at the Annual General Meeting. Some clubs which have no interest in particular forms of our sport leave some ballot papers blank, filling out only those they relate to. Unfortunately others fill in all papers, mostly with a donkey vote, starting at the top and continuing until they have the required number.

This has led to some serious anomalies and in some cases led to unworkable committees. It is suggested that in the new constitution, the election of Sport Committee members be replaced by appointment by the Board. Nominations would be called for as now, but the Board would review the applications using their combined knowledge to choose the most competent members for the committees.

Think about it. Would you like your branch of the sport controlled by candidates elected by the chance of position on a ballot paper, or by a careful review of their qualifications?


FEE STRUCTURES Readers may remember that in February this year MA raised various fees and MNSW, in an attempt to recover the increases, raised charges to clubs. Not surprisingly there were loud protests from clubs, many of which had already prepared their budgets on the known rates. To protect the clubs from the unexpected increases, MNSW decided to revert to last year's fees and absorb the increases. Recently we were informed that the number of licence holders is down, and they are riding at fewer events, consequently some fees will have to rise in 2018. The Rider Levy is expected to rise by $1.00.

Details will be announced next month, to give clubs plenty of notice of the increases.

The meeting closed at 9.55pm.


A meeting of MNSW Properties Limited was opened at 9.56pm. The meeting was chaired by Director Bob McGlinchy, in the absence of Zara Griffin. The meeting was called to present the Annual Report.

At the May Annual General Meeting of MNSW Properties Limited the Annual Report was not read. Members were informed that due to the lack of co-operation from the former CEO and President a Director's meeting to confirm the Report could not be held due to a lack of a quorum. As an indication of the confusion in the office late last year, when the High St property was sold for $3.5 million, the payment was placed in the MNSW Properties' cheque account, and left there, earning no interest for months.

The Report shows a profit for the financial year of $2,658,534. The majority of this is from the sale of the High St, Harris Park property. "Other Income" only raised $22,864.59.

Total Assets are now $8,482,323,45, with $5,845,667.73 in bank deposits.

The Annual Report was accepted by the meeting, and a general discussion followed regarding the company's future.

Last year MNSW Properties transferred the income from its transponder hire business to MNSW, and no longer receives rent for the Parkes St building which Properties owns. This was done to improve the financial position of MNSW, in advance of the expected heavy expenditure on the Nowra Road Race Project.

Now that the Nowra Project has been abandoned the funds are available for other purposes.

Developers are still interested in buying the MNSW office which MNSW Properties owns, so a search for a more suitable building, possibly out of the Parramatta area, is in progress. (The Parkes St building is becoming increasingly cramped, has very limited parking, and pays high Council rates, including parking levies).

A replacement for the Ian Packer Junior Training Facility at Horsley Park will be needed soon, as the current lease will not be renewed. Negotiations are proceeding with the NSW Government, but no site has been nominated.

One suggestion is to build a new office at the site of the new minibike venue, if a suitable site was offered.

The MNSW Board believes that MNSW Properties is no longer fulfilling its original purpose of protecting the sport's financial assets.

Although MNSW Properties is an entirely separate company, current laws could allow Properties to be required to support MNSW in the event of a financial failure.

So unless another purpose can be developed for Properties, the MNSW Board would like to dissolve Properties by the end of 2017.

Naturally, this would require approval of the NSW clubs, who are the only shareholders of the company.

The meeting closed at 10.15pm.


Regards Dave E

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