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20 August, 2019

The meeting opened at 8.44pm, with the President, Gavin Hunt in the chair. He presented apologies for Directors Christine Tickner and Tim Sanford. CEO Dave Cooke was absent, returning from a MA conference. Ms Amy Knop was Minute Secretary.


The minutes of the last General Meeting were read and adopted.

NOWRA In business arising, a delegate asked for more details on the Nowra Motoplex. The President stated that it is unlikely that the ownership of the circuit will be reverting to Nowra Motorcycle Club. This suggests to me that MNSW (through its ownership of Nowra District Motor Cycle Club) is now saddled with another circuit to administer by remote control. The venue is presently managed by a private promotor, but whether this will continue remains in doubt. MNSW holds the lease for the Ian Packer Mini Bike venue at Horsley Park, owns the Goanna Tracks MX circuit at Coonabarabran, and has an option for the proposed Training Area in Maitland.



The President announced that Ms Aimee Mapapalangi and Vanessa Palazzolo had resigned. The positions will be advertised. Caitlin Burns has been promoted to Events Manager. Ms Lauren Spence has been appointed as "Head of Brand" (?)



The President was asked if there was any progress on a replacement site for the Ian Packer Mini Bike centre at Horsley Park. He replied that MNSW was still negotiating with the Minister for Sport, and remained quite optimistic of a favourable result.



There was a later discussion on the present meeting venue, (Blacktown Workers Club), and the expected move of meetings to the new MNSW office at Smithfield, (after some building alterations). The President stated that the alterations would not proceed, as, if MNSW was allocated sufficient land at a new Mini Bike area, (believed to be in the Eastern Creek area), MNSW could build a new office on the site with meeting facilities. In the meantime, MNSW has booked a meeting room at the Blacktown club for the next year.



The President was questioned on the results of the MA Alliance Meeting and proposed funding model. There was very little good news; Motorcycling SA is in serious financial difficulties, and Motorcycling Victoria income was down 25% for the year. Queensland was ok, and MNSW, despite the severe drought was up 5%. Motorcycling NT and Tasmania, each with around 200 licence holders and West Australia may need subsidies to continue. Presently, MNSW supplies at least 30% of MA income.

MA's plan is to economise everywhere, to save money. Various functions of smaller LCB's or even MA may have to be contracted out to "other states with more facilities and staff". Last year MA made a profit of $200.00.

MNSW is not happy with some of the decisions of the meeting, but under the MA "Best for Motorcycling" (majority rule) plan, MNSW appears likely to be co-opted into work for other LCB's.



Directors asked for details of 9 development and equipment loans to clubs totaling around $232,000. A review of repayment plans has been requested. Given the downturn in income experienced by some clubs due to the prolonged drought this will require some delicate negotiation. There was no suggestion that clubs could default on the loans,



A Delegate asked when the assets of MNSW Properties Limited would be transferred to MNSW, and the company wound up. The President replied that there was a problem in the accounts relating to the loan to the former owner of the Goanna Tracks MX circuit at Coonabarabran.

During my 6 years as a Director of MNSW Properties, I am sure that the only dealings the company had on this matter was when the former owner requested a loan to develop the circuit. When he could not provide adequate documents to show his ability to repay the loan, we refused to lend. He was later granted a loan of $100,000.00 by MNSW. Eventually he defaulted on that loan and MNSW was awarded possession of the property in a court judgement. To my knowledge, MNSW Properties Ltd. was never involved in any financial deals for Goanna Tracks. The President said MNSW will have to check their records.


GENERAL BUSINESS There was no general business


The meeting closed at 9.00pm.


WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO: Morris Park Speedway, Dubbo. (This is an occasional look at what's left of circuits some of our older Ryde members raced on).

In the 1960's and 1970's, Morris Park Speedway was a popular natural terrain Dirt Track circuit on the outskirts of Dubbo, not far from the Western Plains Zoo. The club was formed in the 1950's, and ran TQ midgets as well as bikes on the circuit. Here's a few photos from 1966.

In July 2019 I was travelling west and called in to have a nostalgic look at the circuit. Morris Park is alive and very well, but unrecognisable! Now known as Morris Park Motor Sports Complex, the site of the old dirt track has become a flood-lit car speedway racing sedans, and a large car-park, and the old (1966) car-park has become a 1.9km MX circuit, promoted by Dubbo Dirt Bike Club. The circuits appear to be in good condition and used regularly, but obviously suffering from the drought. The bike club is on the MNSW development loan list owing $23,000.00.


Regards ..........Dave E

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